What we do

Ongoing Financial Planning

If a financial plan is a map, ongoing advice is like GPS navigation. We’ll be there to help “recalculate” through ongoing communication and collaboration that reflects changes in your life, planning strategies, government regulations and the investment markets.

Investment Management

We design and implement an investment strategy appropriate to your situation, time horizon, risk tolerance and goals. Typically utilized for convenience and to avoid making a drastic and irreversible mistake in a bad market.
Our process is designed so you can evaluate our firm before ever committing a single dollar to an ongoing relationship. Find out how we can help before making your decision.

1- Get a One-Page Plan

This 60 minute meeting allows us to share our thoughts and observations with you and allows you to see how we will work together.

2- Get a Comprehensive Plan

This 3 meeting process will come with specific recommendations around retirement and other goals, investments, taxes, insurance, estate planning and company benefits.

3- Get Going

We will assist you in implementing your plan and follow a systematic process to stay on top of your finances and make sure you stay on track, don’t overpay taxes and optimize your investments.

Why Choose us?

Value you get

Transparent fees

Not hidden commissions

Collaborative process

Not one-sided instructions

Fiduciary all the time

Not just some of the time

Financial Planning

Not just investment management

Fully independent

Not affiliated with Wall Street

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While our expertise can help most people nearing or in retirement, we do our best work at the intersection of retirement, taxes and investments. The more statements that describe you below, the better the fit we are.

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About me

Robert Lindstrom is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®), Enrolled Agent (EA), and founder of Provision Financial Planning, a Fee-Only financial planning firm. Robert is a full-time Fiduciary and never receives a commission of any kind.

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