Financial guidance for those who’ve lost a spouse, had a divorce or have always been independent

Check Our Best Fit Boxes?


1- Schedule an Intro

With a 30-minute introductory call, we’ll find out if our expertise is a match for your retirement needs.

2- Complimentary Assessment

If we’re a potential fit, we’ll make you a Retirement Roadmap. This will show you how to hit your long-term goals, and what it’s like to work with us.

3- Implement

If you become a client, we’ll implement the plan you choose and get to work reviewing your tax, insurance, and estate plans.


Retirement Planning

Retirement plans have to be adaptable. And our ongoing process ensures that it is. Acting as your retirement’s GPS, we’ll recalculate your plan as your journey unfolds. 

Investment Management

Investing is simple, but not easy. Our conservative approach uses broadly diversified, low-cost funds to align your portfolio with your specific retirement income and goals.

Why Choose Us?

Fee-only Pricing

No hidden commissions

Collaborative process

A trusted thinking partner

Prudent Investments

No trying to time the market

Systematic Income

Protecting your work-optional life

Fiduciary Standards

Bound to your best standards

Proud Member:

Proud Contributor

What makes you different?

There are probably only a few, if any, advisors who:

  • Specialize in working with those retiring solo
  • Focus on retirement income and taxes instead of just investments
  • Are Fee-Only (not Fee-Based)
  • Act as a Fiduciary at all times
  • Have the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) designation.
  • Are an Enrolled Agent (highest designation offered by the IRS)
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