The Path to Becoming a Client

The G.U.I.D.E. Process

Our process is designed so you can evaluate our firm before ever committing a single dollar. If at any point you decide we aren’t the right fit for you, simply let us know and we’ll help point you in the right direction.

Our Financial Planning Process

Check out this video to learn about our 3-step process to becoming a client including how we use state-of-the-art financial planning software to build a financial plan that’s personalized to your unique financial situation.


One Page Plan Meeting

The primary purpose of this meeting is to give you a chance to evaluate us before committing to anything. We’ll share our initial thoughts and observations on your finances, which also gives you an idea of the type of work we would do together. You should know after this meeting whether or not we are the right fit for you. There is no hard sell, we’ll simply ask if you want to become a client or if you want to think about it.
Becoming a client
Becoming a client


Get Organized

To get started, you’ll complete your profile in our planning software and start gathering documents. The focus of this meeting will be getting your financial life organized so we can begin to see what is possible regarding your goals. We’ll also begin reviewing some of the documents you have gathered.



We will collaboratively play “what-if” over and over until we arrive at your initial plan forward in terms of retirement and other goals. I will also have reviewed all of your documents so this meeting to clarify anything.
Becoming a client
Becoming a client



We continue our analysis behind the scenes. We’ll be working on a custom commentary with specific recommendations after identifying blindspots, obstacles and opportunities you have while keeping your goals in mind.


Determine Direction

We’ll go over the commentary and our recommendations in this meeting, taking time to be sure you understand everything.
Becoming a client
Becoming a client


Get Going

Now it is time to prioritize your action items and start implementing them. We can do some things for you, and will assist you in the areas we can’t do it for you.

As life goes on, your plan becomes out of date. That’s why we have a systematic process in place to stay on top of your finances and keep you on track with your goals, optimize your investments and lower your taxes.

Our price is between 0.7-1% of the assets we manage for you, with a minimum annual fee of $3,600. There is no up front charge if the investments are more than $360k. There is an up-front charge between $600 and $1,050 for the comprehensive plan if the investments are less, depending on complexity.

If you ever decide we are longer the best fit for you, we’ll part ways as friends. You can leave at any time for any reason with no cancellation fees.