Financial Planning

By collaboratively working together on an ongoing basis, we can regularly review your retirement income, make sure you’re not overpaying taxes and stay on top of your finances.

Businessman working online with tablet, representing Financial Planning

Financial planning requires ongoing adjustments. 

Think of a pilot preparing a flight plan. The destination is known and the general flight path is chosen. Once airborne, the pilot must make many slight course corrections to arrive at the destination. Without these course corrections, the plane can end up way off course. The longer the pilot waits to correct, the bigger correction needed.

Even a very good financial plan needs course corrections. We’ll act as your GPS to help you navigate your retirement.

What is Financial Planning?

Update Retirement Projections

Retirement projections involve a lot of assumptions, which need to be updated as life unfolds.

  • Should I plan to retire at a different age?
  • Should I have a different asset allocation?
  • Should I plan to spend more, or less?

Estate Plan Review

We don’t practice law and can’t give legal advice, but we can help you understand your documents and with implementing your plan.

  • Are the people I’ve named still the people I want named?
  • Do they have the info they need?
  • Will my assets go where I want them to?

Savings and Withdrawal Plan

Develop savings and withdrawal plan for next 12 months and determine which accounts to use. Because we can’t know the future, we use long-term projections to make short term decisions. If withdrawing,

  • How much can I prudently take out of my accounts? When should I adjust? By how much?
  • Can I take more, or do I need to take less?

If still saving,

  • How much should I save?
  • Which accounts should I save in?

Tax Strategies

Lowering your lifetime tax bill could involve paying more or less tax in any given year depending on your unique circumstances.

  • Should I do a Roth conversion?
  • Should I purposely realize capital gains?
  • Do I need to focus on lowering my AGI?
  • How can I get more tax benefits from the giving I already do?

Insurance Reviews

We don’t sell insurance, but we can incorporate it into your overall plan

  • Do I still have an appropriate amount of coverage?
  • Should I consider other insurance types?
  • Do I still need what I have?

As Life Happens

Life doesn’t happen on a schedule. As life unfolds, we’ll be there to help.

  • Important ages
  • Regulatory and Tax Changes
  • Life Transitions
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