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Is Permanent Life Insurance The Right Choice For You?

Today we dive into permanent life insurance and what consumers should be aware of before purchasing.  Permanent life insurance is one of the most misunderstood (and oversold in my opinion) …

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Solopreneurs: Unique Needs, Solo 401K, and More!

Solopreneurs are innovative, hard-working, and exciting people. Self-employment can be a really wonderful and rewarding career path. There are many financial planning implications to consider, especially if you are a …

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Foundational Tax Strategies To Keep More Money In Retirement!

Why Planning For Taxes Is Such A Big Deal Taxes are going to be the largest expense in retirement for most of us.  This isn’t true for everybody though. Tax …

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Financial Planning for Widows and Widowers

Financial planning is one of the last things someone wants to be thinking about when they lose a spouse.  Combining that with the decisions that have to be made is …

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What is Estate Planning and How to Talk About It

Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy, and it is more than a set of documents (although it is still both of those things).  Estate planning allows you to decide …

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5 IRA Strategies and Mistakes You Need to Know

5 IRA Strategies and Mistakes You Need to Know IRAs, or individual retirement accounts, are tax-deferred investment accounts.  You can either fund them directly, assuming you otherwise qualify, or use …

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Year-End Planning Strategies

Join us as we discuss the various financial planning strategies that should be considered as we approach the end of the year.  There are some strategies that apply every year, …

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Financial Planning For Solopreneurs

Solopreneurs are self-employed without employees.  This unique income arrangement comes with some unique challenges and opportunities, including one of Robert’s favorite planning tools: The Solo-401k. Read the Guest Post Listen …

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Important Ages in Retirement Planning

Retirement planning often revolves around specific ages.  Beginning with 50, there are several specific issues you need to be aware of as you turn certain ages.  We walk through those …

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