What we do

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Our service consists of financial planning and investment management. It can be hard to describe exactly what this means, which is why our “becoming a client” process is designed to “show” rather than “tell” you.

In order to properly cover these areas, we need to meet with you at least twice per year. This is typically in the Spring around tax season and sometime in the Fall. Sometimes we’ll need more meetings, and sometimes you’ll have things come up that can’t wait. This is normal and there is no “cap” on the amount of meetings we’ll have.

You can see by the recurring time nature in the table below* that financial planning is a process, not an event.

Reviewing an area doesn’t mean there will always be action. For example, accounts are analyzed for rebalancing opportunities weekly. We could go months before an actual rebalance is needed.

Systematically reviewing these areas makes it more likely your financial house stays in order, which should provide more confidence and less worry.

Client Service Calendar


Unlimited support / On-demand access to a Certified Financial Planner®


Accounts reviewed for rebalancing opportunities


Withdrawal distributions / Investment memos





IRA, HSA, Solo 401K

Review prior year tax return 

Estate plan review (even

Roth conversions

Savings/Withdrawal plan

Provide snapshot

Insurance review (odd years)


Review asset allocation

Develop tax strategies

Tax projections

Charitable giving

Review investment funds

Review investment funds

Review investment funds

Review investment funds

Spring Meeting

Fall Meeting

This is a framework for how Provision Financial Planning intends to deliver services and assumes PFP is engaged for investment management and financial planning. Your experience could differ for various reasons and is subject to change.
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